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Bikini waxing

question and answer

Brows By Leah has been a licensed Esthetician and Brazilian Waxing ninja since May of 2014. Our pink and blue hard wax is specially made to be gentle on the skin and the hair during your 15 minute brazilian. When it comes to bikini waxing - I've been around the block. Along the way, I've been asked a question or 20. Keep on scrolling to have your questions answered and your mind at peace.

+ What is the difference between a Brazilian, Bikini full, and Bikini line?

The hair removed during the Brazilian covers the entire front area going all the way to the back side, leaving you completely bare. The Bikini full is the Brazilian minus the back area. The Bikini line removes the unwanted hair poking outside your swim suite on the top and on the sides, leaving you hair free wherever and however you choose.

+ Waxing VS Shaving?

Shaving causes regrowth to happen quickly which requires daily maintenance along with left over hair, razor burn, cuts, and ingrown hairs all over. Whereas, waxing creates a slower regrowth - only requiring maintenance once a month. Waxing gives your hair a softer and more comfortable effect, unlike the stubbly hair that shaving gives you.

+ How long should my hair be in order to be waxed?

It is very important that your hair is long enough for the wax to grab onto - that length is recommended to be 1/4 inch (the length of a grain of rice). Before your first wax, you should plan to let it grow for at least 10 days. It can never be too long for waxing - So please don't trim at home before your wax. 

+ What can I do to prepare for my wax and help make it more comfortable?

1. Stay as hydrated as possible before your wax

2. Take anything you would normally take for a headache before your appointment

3. Do not use numbing creams or oils before your wax

4. Avoid high amounts of alcohol and caffeine the night before and day of your appointment

+ Can I get a bikini wax when it's that time of the month?

Yes absolutely! As long as you have a tampon in, it will not effect the quality of your wax one bit.

Isn't it,like, weird tho?

Nope! For me - It's literally as normally as breathing. I'm a professional, it's my line of work. Realistically what happens during a bikini wax is I tell you to take a deep breath, a few quick seconds of ouch, and we carry on with our convo about your vacation in Mexico.

If you have any other questions or concerns before your appointment please feel free to ask - I am here to help!

"I never would have thought I would be someone who got Brazilian waxes. I thought they were too expensive, and hurt too badly, and were reserved for bikini models. But when my college roommates began getting them, I started to think about it. They swore by them, so I tried it out. It was literally the best decision I’ve ever made. I have been getting Brazilian waxes for almost two years now, and have been going to Leah for one year. They are much more affordable than I previously thought, especially because you only go every few weeks. The results you receive from waxing can simply not be achieved by shaving. If you’re thinking about getting waxed but are nervous about the pain, don’t be. It definitely does not feel like you’re afraid it will. Leah is the absolute best, and makes your experience quick and even enjoyable - she is the happiest, most welcoming person I know! I will definitely continue to go to Leah as long as she is in the waxing business!" - Sara K.

"If you are anything like me, you are hesitant to try Brazilian or bikini waxing because you’re worried it will A.) hurt B.) be awkward and/or C.) wonder why I would pay when shaving is relatively free (not including razor prices). I decided to give waxing a shot my freshman year in college, just to support a friend and ended up falling in love. I know it sounds weird to say that I “love” waxing, but I do. I have been with Leah for 3 years now and it’s been the best waxing experience I’ve had. I have been to several salons and waxers but Leah is by far the best. She makes me feel so comfortable and the results speak for itself. The hard wax she uses makes it as pain free as possible. I don’t have a high pain tolerance whatsoever and I can handle waxing, so that says something! I can’t imagine going back to shaving now. After three weeks my hair is so thin and there is barely any regrowth by the four week mark. Waxing can be a bit of a commitment, but take it from someone who did it, it is so worth sticking to!!" - Charlotte C. 

"Leah is my favorite! I am so happy I met her over 2 years ago, and I have been seeing her for my wax services ever since. She is so kind, sweet, and one of the nicest people. She always cares about me, and she makes me feel extremely comfortable when I am getting waxed. Leah is very quick and thorough with her waxing, which is something I love. She has such a fun bubbly personality we literally talk the entire time! I love knowing that I can trust her with my wax services, and our conversations. I HIGHLY recommend her for any of your waxing services. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Leah" - Lexy E.